PR / WALLA WALLA, WA (June, 2021) — Now available for purchase are Mainstem Malt’s four new flagship malt varieties: Cascadia Pilsner, Cascadia White Wheat, Evergreen Pale, and Evergreen Alder Smoke. Each of these regional blends of top grain varieties is Salmon-Safe certified and built to scale with malthouse customers in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

Since Mainstem’s first crop year in 2016, “we’ve been deep in the woods of malt science and on-farm conservation work, tying malt flavors back to individual fields, varieties, seasonality, and family farm stories,” says Co-Founder and CEO Phil Neumann. “And as the culmination of what we’ve learned along the way, we’re proud to release our first flagship malts.”

Like all of Mainstem’s products, these blends directly support premium crop opportunities for conservation-minded family farms and celebrate fully traceable supply chains. “You can also rest assured that our ongoing innovations work will continue to redefine this lineup,” Neumann adds.

Meet The Malts:


This crisp, clean, low protein Pilsner malt is a fantastic replacement for the finest imported malts on the market. It’s ready to scale with a wide range of premium lagers, ales, and spirits.


Crafted as a smooth, full bodied pale, this white wheat malt’s calling in life is to add a silky mouthfeel and delicate haze to traditional wheat beers and hazies alike, without all of the adjuncts.


Our base pale malt is a bold and flavorful pale barley malt, for beers and spirits needing a bit more umph than our more delicate Pilsner malt. It’s also 100 percent Washington grown, helping Mainstem’s home state craft distillers meet their requirements for 51 percent in-state ingredient sourcing.


Mainstem starts with the Evergreen Pale malt recipe, then cold smokes it on alderwood after kilning. The end result is a moderately smoked base malt that can be used at high percentages in both beer and whiskey, and harkens back to a time when alder smoke was more widely used in Pacific Northwest food preservation.


Mainstem Malt is a malt company like no other. Founders Phil Neumann and Alyssa Martinez-Neumann started this Walla Walla-based operation in 2014 as a way to support family farms, rural communities, and landscape-scale conservation work. Along the way, they realized Mainstem is in a unique position to inspire much broader change, and have since been pushing to be the beverage industry’s model for agricultural supply chain sustainability and innovation. You can find Mainstem’s malt at breweries and distilleries throughout the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, flowing into premium craft beverages that evoke a strong sense of place and purpose. Grain Like Grapes, Malt That Matters.

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