STORY LINK / BOSTON, MA (June, 2020) – The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority sent a notice to dozens of municipalities urging them to tell business owners to find a better way to dispose of beverages gone unused as a result of coronavirus.

While the skunked and stale kegs of beer sitting in bars and restaurants shuttered by the coronavirus pandemic certainly wouldn’t taste great to customers once businesses reopen, they also shouldn’t get served to the region’s waste pipes.

That’s the message from officials at the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority, who sent out a notice this week urging cities and towns to reach out to venues that serve draft beer, and tell them not to dump leftover or untapped libations that can no longer be used down the drain.

According to the MWRA, “given the current volumes of stale beer” that are likely out there following months of closures, doing so could be harmful to both the sewer system and the treatment facility on Deer Island.

Read the full story at the Boston Globe here.

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