PR / PORTLAND, OR (APRIL, 2020) Von Ebert Brewing, the award-winning and locally owned, Portland-based brewing company, will release Blameless Muse, its latest bottled heritage beer.

Named after a line in the William Wordsworth poem, Yarrow Revisited, Blameless Muse is a foraged farmhouse ale made in collaboration with Ordnance Brewing from Boardman, Oregon.

The 6.5% ABV beer with 20 IBUs features Mecca Grade Estate Malt, yarrow flowers, grand fir boughs, ponderosa pine needles, and brettanomyces. The foraged ingredients combine to give the beer arborous, earthy, and floral characteristics.

“We wanted to create a beer that showcases multiple ingredients that our wonderful and bountiful state has to offer,” said Sean Burke, head brewer, Von Ebert Glendoveer. “In conceptualizing Blameless Muse, we also sought to highlight areas of the state that we felt could offer foraged ingredients that would result in a beer that would be truly unique and place based.”

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Under-modified Gateway malt, inspired by the historic Belgian “wind-malts” that were air dried in the lofts of barns, was used to create Blameless Muse. It provides a burst of fresh-cut hay aroma. Shaniko, a malted white winter wheat, was used to give the beer a rich and creamy flavor. Both come from Mecca Grade Estate Malt in Madras, Oregon.

Ordnance Brewing contributed the yarrow, harvested from the farm its owners run, and also from outside its brewery doors in Boardman, Oregon. The yarrow was utilized to add a touch of bitterness and it also gives the beer some nice aromatics.

The grand fir boughs and ponderosa pine needles were foraged from the Blue Mountains in Eastern Oregon and were added in two stages: first in the sparge water and then later after the completion of the first fermentation in the stainless steel fermenter.

The beer was then bottle conditioned with Brettanomyces and held to condition over several months.

“We believe that this beer offers a land-based tasting experience, one that is deeply rooted in ecological beauty and is defined by the state and region where both breweries are located,” said Burke. “We hope this conveys who we are as craftspeople and the amazing place we call home.”

Blameless Muse will be available tomorrow at both Von Ebert locations – Glendoveer and the Pearl – for to-go or delivery orders.

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