STORY LINK / TORONTO, CA (May, 2020) – One of Toronto’s local beer purveyors is working to reduce packaging while deliveries are at a high point. In the midst of this ongoing global crisis, it makes sense that environmentally-friendly actions that were emphasized in the Before Times have fallen to the wayside. But Henderson Brewing Company is shifting an aspect of its delivery model in order to make way for a greener alternative.

The beer purveyor has always used milk crates for beer sold at the brewery — doing so has reportedly reduced packaging use by over 10,000 cases over the past few years. Now that the business has shifted to include a significant amount of home delivery, the brewery is piloting those beer orders going out in milk crates, too. For a $5 refundable deposit, beer is delivered in the crates, meaning no plastic-coverings or other unnecessary waste.

Read the full story at Dished Toronto here.

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