STORY LINK / USA (August, 2019) — What’s better than a cold one underneath the scorching hot sun? A cold one brewed with POWER from the sun! That was the opening line of our first overview of solar-powered beer breweries, back in 2015. A modest Top 40 overview at that time, it somehow resonated with our readers and many people beyond our normal readership as well. Who would have guessed that the combination of solar power and beer would be so intoxicating? Then again: solar. powered. beer. What’s not to like?

Since then, we’ve received requests from green-minded microbreweries across the world, from the US to New Zealand, to proudly have their new solar arrays featured in the overview. On the other side of the spectrum, we were also approached by the biggest giants of the beer industry, who have been making impressive headway on greening up their operations and are eager to claim the crown of solar beer making. 

All in all, more than enough reason to present you with an updated and extended global Top 100 of solar-powered beer breweries, with new insights and comments.
Anxious to just see the list? Click here to fast-forward to the Top 100. 

Read the full story at Solar Plaza here.

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