PR / PORTLAND, OR ( June, 2020) — Take Two Foods is proud to announce the launch of the world’s first Barleymilk into grocery stores, coffee shops, and cafes across the Pacific Northwest and Los Angeles. Take Two Barleymilk broke onto the plant-based milk scene in March 2020 with four delicious and nourishing flavors – Original, Vanilla, Chocolate, and Chef’s Blend – and is now available at over 25 locations and online, shipping to customers nationwide.

Take Two Barleymilk raises the bar for what plant-based milk can and should bring to the table, adhering to the highest standards when it comes to taste, nutrition, and sustainability. The Barleymilk boasts flavor and performance comparable to dairy milk and is crafted with the highest-quality ingredients. It contains complete protein, fiber, calcium, and good fats, and it has 50% less sugar than other flavored plant-based milks.

Why barley? Barley is an ancient grain and a superfood with countless health benefits. Rejuvenated barley comes from spent grain, the byproduct of the beer brewing process. Billions of pounds of spent grain are produced each year by the global beer industry. Instead of going to waste or being used to feed livestock, this grain can be upcycled into a powerhouse, nutrient-rich plant-based protein: rejuvenated barley. Take Two uses the rejuvenated barley in their Barleymilk, for less waste and a healthier planet.

“Our commitment is to craft the world’s most remarkable plant-based foods made with the highest-quality ingredients, while championing the planet’s resources. Food that tastes amazing and truly nourishes, without the environmental impact,” says Co-Founder & CEO Sarah Pool.

Take Two Barleymilk’s creamy, smooth, and rich finish is perfect for crafting barista-quality beverages, using in savory and sweet recipes, and drinking by the glassful. Says Co-Founder & COO Matt Olsofsky: “We wanted to bring back the joy and nostalgia of drinking a glass of milk. Our Barleymilk does just that.”

About Take Two Foods

Take Two Foods is a plant-based food and beverage company committed to creating second chances for our health and the planet. Take Two makes it easier and exciting for consumers to eat a more plant-rich diet by providing the best plant-based products found anywhere. Take Two plans to expand its retail and food service distribution nationwide by Fall 2020.

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