Can I Recycle This (CIRT) is teaming up with Terrapin Beer Co. and Marine Debris Tracker (Debris Tracker) to keep valuable recyclables out of landfills and our environment. The partnership will bring CIRT’s technology, GiGi, to millions of Americans, helping to inform their purchasing decisions, and answer the often-asked question, “Can I recycle this?” Through the circular materials management expertise of CIRT, the partnership will develop a sustainable, data-driven, and end-of-life focused design and supply chain for Terrapin’s products and packaging.

Debris Tracker offers the longest standing and most respected data collection tool for litter, while empowering companies, groups or individuals to collect data on what they find or clean up from our environment. Over 3 million items have been logged with Debris Tracker since its inception.

The Terrapin partnership ensures that CIRT’s consumer facing waste reduction and recycling education platform reaches millions of people, tightening the circularity of their products and packaging. Terrapin Beer Co. has a strong commitment to utilizing packaging that is valuable and recyclable, namely their early adoption of infinitely recyclable aluminum cans – leading by design at the forefront of protecting our planet from waste and pollution. The partnership will commence January 2021.

Terrapin is dedicating the month of January to recycling awareness as a part of their Terraprint initiative in Athens and throughout their distribution footprint. Terraprint, Terrapin’s environmental sustainability and community outreach arm, aims to minimize the impact on the environment while maximizing impact on the community. Terrapin will be supporting CIRT with Athens-Clarke County which will service the Solid Waste Department’s Recycling Division.

Can I Recycle This, GiGi Tech

CIRT is answering the question that most people want to know when they go to recycle something – “Can I Recycle This?” Using their artificial intelligence platform, called GiGi, and location data, CIRT is giving people the RIGHT answer to this question wherever they are. GiGi is available on multiple platforms, making accessibility a breeze. No more looking for information on government websites or in obscure search tools. The answer is right at your fingertips.

Terrapin Beer Co. 

Terrapin Beer Co. began as a passion for beer between founders Brian “Spike” Buckowski and John Cochran, who brewed and released their first beer in 2002, a Rye Pale Ale that went on to win a gold medal at the 2002 Great American Beer Festival (GABF). Inspired by the creative culture of Athens, Ga., the brewery’s home, Terrapin works to create unique experiences through its craft beers and is distributed in 22 states. In 2019, Terrapin launched Terraprint, which focuses on environmental sustainability and community outreach. For more information about Terrapin’s year-round and seasonal lineups, or Terraprint, visit

Marine Debris Tracker

Marine Debris Tracker (Debris Tracker) was launched in 2011 as the first mobile application available to anyone in the world to log and track litter. The Jambeck Research Group in the College of Engineering at the University of Georgia has been tracking litter and marine debris even before smartphones were invented. The open access and open data mobile app and platform launched with the help of the NOAA Marine Debris Program has grown into a larger citizen science program now powered by Morgan Stanley. Over 3 million items have been logged by tens of thousands of participants in over 90 countries, with frequent use by researchers, companies, governments and individuals.

ACC Recycling Division

Athens-Clarke County Solid Waste Department, Recycling Division, strives for waste reduction in the Athens community. Residents and businesses here can access some of the best waste-diversion programming available in Georgia, to further minimize their ecological footprint. By fully embracing waste reduction and reuse/donation options, recycling via our mixed recyclables curbside/drop-off collection systems or our award-winning Center for Hard to Recycle Materials, or sending organics to be turned into Classic City Compost, our customers have realized there is not much material left that has to be landfilled.

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