PR / BROOKLYN, N.Y. (April, 2020) – The team at Other Half Brewing Co is proud to announce All Together, a worldwide beer collaboration created to raise funds & awareness for the industry we love so much. Regardless of location or circumstances, when one member of the hospitality industry struggles, the rest of the group (including brewers, servers, bartenders, bussers, dishwashers, GMs, buyers, chefs & owners) steps in to help and lend a hand.

With this spirit in mind, Other Half Brewing (OHB) is spearheading the All Together project, started by a collective of beer industry partners from around the globe, to raise awareness and provide relief to those struggling in the industry as we’re all in this together.

“Raising awareness about the devastating losses in the hospitality industry is the core vision of this project,” says Matt Monahan, co-founder, Other Half Brewing. “We want to keep these losses at the forefront of conversations so that anyone who wants to help can learn what is happening and find a way to contribute to the recovery.”

How does the project work? #AllTogetherBeer invites any brewer, from any corner of the planet, to participate by providing the tools needed to make the beer at the lowest possible cost, including an open-source recipe, artwork, and name. In exchange, the collective asks that a portion of the proceeds go to supporting hospitality professionals in each brewery’s own community. The rest should be donated to keeping the brewery in business to weather this storm.

  • Recipe: OHB created a base recipe that easily brewed with commonly sourced ingredients. Each participating brewery can modify the beer as they see fit and brew it at their own convenience.
  • Artwork + Label: Stout Collective created the label artwork that can be customized by brewery, and Blue Label Printing has offered to print at cost.
  • Website: Craftpeak Team donated their time, talent & technology for the site

Breweries can get involved by reaching out to for more information.

Beer drinkers can support this cause by signing up for the mailing list. The beers are being brewed around the world, and the newsletter will inform beer lovers worldwide when they’re available to purchase from their local brewery.

At OHB, the proceeds of All Together will go to the Restaurant Workers Community Foundation; and the beer is expected to be available starting April 2020. Social assets can be found here.

The #AllTogetherBeer project begins with the following breweries with more to be announced: Other Half Brewing, NYC; Side Project, St. Louis, MO; Monkish, Torrance, CA; Trillium, Boston, MA; Alvarado St, Monterey, CA; Arizona Wilderness, Phoenix, AZ; Outer Range, Frisco, CO; The Veil, Richmond, VA; Omnipollo, Stockholm, Sweden; Humble Sea, Santa Cruz, CA; Finback, NY; Crak, Padua, Italy; 3 Sheeps Brewing, Sheboygan, WI; Sigma Brewing, Houston, TX; Southern Grist, Nashville, TN; Burial, Asheville, NC; Mikerphone, Chicago, IL; Pilot Project, Chicago, IL; Modist, Minneapolis, MN; Homes, Detroit, MI; KCBC, Brooklyn, NY; Industrial Arts, Garnerville, NY; Fifth Hammer, Queens, NY; Hidden Springs, Tampa, FL; Green Cheek, Anaheim, CA; Bottle Logic, Anaheim, CA; Parish, Broussard, LA; Vitamin Sea, Weymouth, MA; Ska, Durango, CO; Equilibrium, Middletown, NY; Northern Monk, Leeds, UK; Garage Project, Wellington, NZ; Wylam, Newcastle, UK; Lervig, Stavanger, Norway; Juguetes Perdidos, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Carton Atlantic, Highlands, NJ; American Solera, Tulsa, OK; Civil Society, Jupiter, FL; Anchorage, Anchorage, AK; Hoof Hearted, Columbus, OH; Barrier, Oceanside, NY; Sand City, Northport, NY; Bellwoods, Toronto, ON; Whiplash, Dublin, Ireland; Boundary, Belfast, N. Ireland; Dancing Gnome, Pittsburgh, PA; Collective Arts, Hamilton, ON; and more.

About Other Half Brewing

Founded in 2014 by Sam Richardson, Matt Monahan and Andrew Burman, Other Half Brewing is rooted in a simple mission: to push the boundaries of beer. Known for its hazy IPAs, pastry stouts, and creative sours, Other Half has built a loyal community of fans around its Brooklyn taproom, and grown to become one of the most sought after breweries in the country. Through their innovative festivals (Pastrytown & Green City), creative flavors and with locations in East Bloomfield, NY and Brooklyn, NY, Other Half seeks to be constantly moving the beer industry forward.


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