The sustainable food company, whose mission is to fight food waste by Upcycling spent grain from craft breweries, relaunches flatbread crackers in more eco-friendly packaging

PR / Somerville, MA (February, 2022) — Brewer’s Foods, a family-owned food company with a mission of Upcycling brewer’s “spent grain,” today introduced the relaunch of their popular flatbread cracker line, Brewer’s Crackers. The flatbread crackers are available in two flavors, Sea Salt and Everything and are a highly nutritious cracker packed with sprouted grains and an oven baked crunch.

Brewer’s Foods had taken a hit when due to COVID, their manufacturing facility was no longer able to keep up with the high demand the brand had worked to achieve. “Finding a new facility on short notice in the middle of a pandemic could have been the end of us,” said Kyle Fiasconaro, founder of Brewer’s Foods. 

The upside of finding a new bakery space is that Brewer’s Foods is able to meet any demand plus have the opportunity to create new, more eco-friendly packaging.  Prior to the relaunch, Brewer’s packaged their flatbreads in a plastic container similar to that used by competitors. Co-founder, Matthew Fiasconaro says, “It never felt right to be putting so much plastic back out into the world and ultimately into the trash. It seemed contradictory to our mission of fighting food waste and keeping food out of landfills.”

The new packaging reduces the amount of plastic being used by 90% with the added bonus of looking great at the same time. The benefit of the visibility of plastic packaging is maintained by providing a window for consumers to see the actual product rather than an image. “We hope we have put ourselves in a favorable position with consumers and buyers who are environmentally conscious and with lawmakers who are cracking down on single-use plastic,” says Kyle Fiasconaro.

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About Brewer’s Foods

Brewer’s Foods is a “spent grain” food company leading the drive to reduce food waste in the craft-brewing industry. Rather than ending up in a crowded landfill or on a farm as animal feed, Brewer’s Foods takes the spent grains from breweries to create their line of sustainable products. Brewer’s estimates that to date they have saved over 500,000 lbs. of high quality “spent grain.” To learn more about Brewer’s, please visit and follow the brand on social media via Instagram: @brewersfoods.

Matthew Fiasconaro
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