STORY LINK / MICHIGAN (April, 2020) — Climate change is just one of the many issues being focused on today (Wednesday) as groups across the country virtually celebrate Earth Day. Some of the lesser-known potential impacts of climate change, however, are changes that could occur in your pint glass at your local breweries.

In this week’s Northern Express – sister publication of The Ticker – writer Craig Manning looks at some of the ways climate change could affect beer — and, by extension, beer drinkers — by impacting its core ingredients. Manning also profiles local breweries, from Workshop Brewing Company to Earthen Ales to Brewery Terra Firma (to name just a few) who are taking steps to reduce their environmental impact and produce a kinder, gentler beer. Whether it’s recapturing carbon dioxide, localizing product distribution, or using energy-efficient systems in brewpubs, these brewers are pursuing innovative changes to help protect the planet while also producing great beer.

Read the full story on Northern Express here.

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